The Role of Truth in the Pursuit of Moral Ends: a philosophical and empirical Investigation

The present study investigates the question of lying in the NGO world. The investigation advanced in two different yet complementary directions: first, it addressed the empirical question, to what extent are NGO professionals prone to lying for the sake of good causes. Second, it addressed the ethical question, when is it morally permissible to lie for the sake of good causes in the context of the NGO world.

A Multidimensional Poverty Index 2014

A multidimensional poverty index developed for Latet, one of Israel's leading humanitarian aid NGOs. The index offers an innovative method for measuring the poverty rates in Israel, by meauring the extent to which individuals are deprived from the basic needs necessary for dignified living

Impact Assessment: ITWorks' Job Placement Programs

Independent third-party assessment written for ITWorks, a non-profit that empowers disadvantaged inividuals through technological training and job placemnet in the Hi-Tech sector

Policy Paper: Submitted to the UN on the Post 2015 Development Agenda  

This policy paper was produced by Global Finacial Integrity and sponsored by ERI institute. The paper calls for introducing illicit financial flows as a key element of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Concept Note: Leveraging Internet Technology to Realize Rights

A concept note written for All Rights, a non-profit that promotes rights realization by providing comprehensive and accessible online information on how to realize soical benefits and entitlements

ASAP: Fundraising and Advocacy Brief

Written by ERI's CEO on behalf of Academics Stand Against Poverty

Brief For The UN Secertary General's High Level Panel of Eminent Persons


Commissioned for the UN High Level Panel meeting on global development after 2015


Written by ERI's CEO on behalf of Academics Stand Against Poverty and Beyond 2015